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The five-story brick and wood construction building, located at 34 Chenango Street, Binghamton, NY was built for Smith, Kinney & Co. in 1898. Smith, Kinney & Co., wholesale merchants in the City of Binghamton since 1867, formed an Overall manufacturing company producing workmen’s overalls and other work clothing. At its peak, 130 people were employed at the Chenango Street facility. Smith, Kinney & Co. occupied the property until 1913.

In 1915 the property was occupied by Fitzgerald’s Furniture Co. and in 1916 merged to become the Fitzgerald & Herman Furniture Co. In 1917 the Sanitary Bedding & Furniture Co. took over the daily operations and remained in business at this site until 1930. The property was vacant during 1931-1935 and in 1936 American Stores Corp. Mercantile occupied the property until 1944.

In 1945, Weeks & Dickinson Inc. opened 34 Chenango Street as a Premier Music Store. The music company, which was founded in Binghamton in 1865, evolved as one of Upstate New York’s largest full service music retailers. The store boasted “5 Floors of Music” including Showrooms, Repair Facility, 20 Music Studios, and Auditorium & WKOP Radio Station Studios. Weeks & Dickinson remained a major Music Emporium until 1978 when it closed its doors forever.

The property remained in the same family under the name of Low-Dar Inc. since its purchase in 1942. After Weeks & Dickinson closed, Low-Dar Inc. set out to reconfigure the layout of the building from a one tenant occupied structure to a multiple use structure hosting office space, art & music studios & retail storefronts. Over the years, Low-Dar Inc. has continued to make significant capital investment into the property and developed affordable quality rental spaces. The elevator was upgraded, handicapped entrances and restrooms were created, and the heating, electrical and telecommunication infrastructure were upgraded as well.




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